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Apo Reef Dive Site


Occidental Mindoro, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

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Dive Site Last Edited by:

Henry Jager

PADI Deep Diver

Advice for diving Apo Reef in Philippines

The Apo Reef is a pristine reef 50km (31miles) from the east coast of Occidental Mindoro, Philippines. In 1996, the entire 27,5ha sized area, including Apo Island, became an UNESCO Natural Park. It's the world's second largest single coral reef and the biggest atoll in the Philippines. By the way, don't confuse the Apo Island here with the Apo Island located south of Dauin (Oriental Negros, Visayas).

Best traveling to the Apo Reef is flying to Manila and taking a short domestic flight to San Jose.

Despite being a wonderful dive region, only a few tourists find their way to the reef. The most direct connection you get with the Apo Reef Club. It's a very nice diver's resort in Calintaan, a one-hour bus drive from the airport of San Jose. The Apo Reef Club offers convenient two days trip with their outrigger boats. You can also dive the Apo Reef from Puerto Galera, but it needs driving a triple travel distance of 160km by boat. Alternatively, the Apo Reef Club offers also one-day trips with the speedboat.

The reef itself is highly branched, offering dive spots for every weather condition. Arriving during the morning, it's recommended to start with a dive at the outer side, for example at "Apo Out". Going inside, many dive places are worth a visit. "Action Point" is a must as "Mabuti" is as well.

Don't miss the early morning dive and don't miss a twilight or night dive! These are also main reasons to take two-days trips to the reef. A lot of Sharks, Barracudas, Bumpheads, Turtles, Tunas and much more can be seen. Dolphins and mantas are there, too. Stories about hammerheads are told. The scenery in the evening is fantastic. The sun shines with green light through the surface. Trevallies are hunting and you find yourself in schools of escaping fusiliers.

But the main thing is the reef, a beautiful, pristine reef! Not many fins paddled there and destruction by divers is nearly inexistent. We can enjoy beautiful corals, reef tops and a rich biodiversity. There is also a beautiful wreck with a lot of life in and around at the south region of Apo Reef.The Apo Reef is place for Researchers like Haribon Foundation and WWF-Philippines.

Of course, such diving has its price. And this price is collected on Apo Island as Natural Park entrance fee of 1700 Pesos (about 30 Euro) per person per two-days trip.

The Apo Reef is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced divers. Diving is best from October till end of June. In between, sometimes the rainy season doesn't allow trips to the Apo reef.

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Name Distance

Sablayan Divers


43.98 km

Apo Reef Club


49.21 km

Fun & Sun Coron


70.99 km

Corto Divers Dive Centre


75.62 km

Sea Dive Center


75.68 km

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Name Distance

MBO | Mamburao

Philippines, Mamburao

68.09 km

USU | Puerto Princessa

Philippines, Busuanga

68.41 km

SJI | Mcguire Fld

Philippines, San Jose

71.84 km

XCN | Coron Airport

Philippines, Coron

75.86 km

CUJ | Culion

Philippines, Culion

95.87 km

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