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Amongst other things, DiveAdvisor serves as a directory for Dive Shops or Liveaboards - much like yellow pages or google business listings. Besides simply posting scuba specific information about your business, users are able to tag your business in photographs, dive logs, articles and reviews. You are infact able to digitally stamped such dive logs. Anyhow, theres quite a lot you can on our platform as a business owner.

For simplicity, we define a 'Dive Shop' as any business that either sells/rents scuba equipment, offers diver training or operates dive trips. A liveboard is essentially a 'mobile' dive shop.

To register your business:

  • Register in the form on the right
  • Once you are logged in, click on 'My Dive Shop'
  • Either claim an existing listing or create a new one.

Note: you create a personal profile first, and then by claiming a listing you grant yourself access to managing it via 'My Dive Shop'.

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Much like a facebook page - you need to first have a personal account through which you can login and manage the business page.

After creating a personal account, you will be directed to 'My Dive Shop' section where you can claim existing listing or create a new one.

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